Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Waldorf doll - Pearl

Recently it occured to me, that I haven't ever taken pictures of the dolls I make (and sell). And all of the - well, many, many toys and other playing acessories I've made since I had children. I think I'll have to remember once in a while in the future. Because I so easily forgets all about what I've made. This is for my bad memory :)

This doll is a 32 cm high, and have jointed limbs. It's the first doll I've made with this pattern from this book. I like jointed limbs, since it makes it easier for the dolls to sit. And all little mothers like their babies to sit nicely in their chairs.

Her hair is made of mohair bouclé and she has got a silk scarf that I plant dyed with logwood (blåtræ).

Her dress is made of linen with embroidery and a scrap of silk appliquéd on the front. Her boots are knitted with angora yarn. So soft.

The diapers are made from a piece of nuno felt - which means wool felted onto fabric, in this case I used cotton gauze, then wool and some silk fibres on top.

The hat is crocheted and the underwear is knitted with some plant dyed wool/mohair yarn.

I make the features very simple and try to give the dolls a gentle and sweet expression. This doll already lives with her new little mother and I've been told she is very much loved and never left alone. It is such a satisfaction and joy to make dolls and toys for children that inspires to meaningful play.


  1. Pearl is beautiful. I love her soft colors and sweet expression. I bet she will really be loved.

    Ohhh, I have to find some nuno felt. I've never seen that before.

    I've been adding jointed limbs to my softies lately; don't know if I'm doing it correctly, but haven't had any casualties yet.

    Stay warm!

  2. Hun er super dejlig og da jeg så hendes tøj, tænkte jeg, at det da kun er dig, der kan give en dukke sådan en personlig stil.

    Så flot, Mona ;-)

  3. Hvor er den bare DEJLIG!! Og så gennemført. Jeg har ofte tænkt at jeg skulle kreere sådan en dukke, jeg synes de er så fantastiske. Men lige dét er blvet ved tanken, man kan simpelthen ikke nå det hele, når man er et krativt hovede.

  4. she is so sweet, her features, her hair and her clothing so beautiful! i am as much in love with waldorf dolls as my children are!

  5. Amazingly beautiful! Can I ask you where you sell your dolls?


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