Monday, December 6, 2010


Uh, oh, well, I just have to jump in. Being away from the blog for so long makes it difficult for me to pick up where I left. I didn't plan to be away for more than three months. (Three??!!) It just happend. In fact, what happend was The Good Life. Apparently The Good Life also is a busy life. But in a good way.

 My life is so full, and I find as I grow older I also find it more beautiful and multifaceted and rich in many ways (not money-wise, though). It's an intense way of living, and I find that one has to be very careful about spending too much time in cyberspace, since it diminishes the feeling of being earth bound (grounded) and also weekens the ability of being present in a mindful way. Anyway, that's how I feel about it. But I think there's still good things to be found in cyberspace, and I'm still gonna blog. Yet in a sporadic and random manner - as usual, right?

King Winter and his lovely Queen are visiting our part of the world, which is quite unusual at this time of the year.

Everything seems a bit more charming when they're around.

And even though it seems almost against the natural laws,  Mother Nature shows her power and presents flowers for Her Majesty to enjoy. And I enjoy my share as well!

 I love my little »secret garden« in the summer, and even if the roses are now covered with snow, there's still some magical about it ...

We've had another very important visitor recently, which I have to share with you. A visit of great importance and swiftness. My youngest lost his first tooth and then she came - late at night when everybody was asleep - the toothfairy. I think it's common knowledge that the toothfairy loves little white shining teeth, and that she lives in a very great big castle made of childrens teeth. Every night she flies around and picks up the teeth that children has placed under their pillows. And in return for the teeth that she treasures so much, she gives small gifts of equal value. I think that perhaps she has a good eye to my little one, because when he woke up in the morning he found not only a gift - a doll so he could see what the toothfairy looks like - but in the little bag she carried was ... his own tooth! - He had such a hard time letting go of that tooth, and I think she wanted to acknowledge the fact that he found the strength to give it away. And she'll be rewarded too, because there'll be many more tiny white teeth to be found under his pillow in the next years to come.


  1. I am so glad you are back. My own blog has been tended only sporadically, so I do understand your desire to be in the world rather than on the computer. I love your latest photos. I adore the beautiful doll--what a wonderful story about your son receiving his tooth back!

  2. Nej, hvor er din have bare smuk! Jeg er ret jealoux på IJ, som kommer til at se den før mig.

  3. What a sweet mommy you are! I think it is important for parents to be in tune with how they are feeling and thus can be open to hearing how their children are feeling too. I haven't always witnessed that in my 52 years on the planet and have to tell you what a gift you are.


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