Monday, February 21, 2011

Crafting the Colour wheel - January

In the beginning of the year, Sarah from Quince & Quire wrote this post about colours and it struck an ore of creativity in me. I happily accepted her invitation to join her in a year of being inspired by the Wheel of the Year and the Wheel of the Colours.

There aren't any rules, yet I made a couple of guidelines for myself - I prefer fredom within a couple of limits, it makes everything a bit easier. Again - as with Crafting for Myself - I'll use materials solely from the stash as well as materials provided by Mother Nature. Preferably a litte of both for each crafting project; one for each month of the year.

So without further ado I present to you my January crafting project:

January, February, March and April colour strips. There was no thinking involved in choosing the colours for each month, I just grabbed a paint brush and went with the flow.

 Little S went with the flow as well - I think his colour strips are much better than mine.

I actually took the long way round, as is often the case when trying to make things simple, but ended up with this necklace. A stone from this trip to the sea (a wonderful reminder of summer in the middle of winter), a bit of embroidery yarn and a strip of wool fabric, eco dyed with rose leaves and overdyed with a bit of indigo.


  1. O WAW. So beautiful, like all your work. You have a gift of making simpel tings glow.

  2. Meget spændende projekt og med meget høj lækkerheds faktor !!!!

  3. Hvor er det altså helt igennem særligt og smukt! Dejlige farver, materialer. Smukt!!!
    Og en spændende ide. Jeg må over at kigge på hendes side :-)

  4. Nej, hvor er du bare kreativ. Smykket er rigtigt smukt - men anderledes end din oprindelige farvepalæt indikerede, synes jeg (det øverste billede).

  5. Til alle: tusind tak for roserne!

    Therese: tja, den blå endte med at blive lysere, fordi jeg ikke havde den 'rigtige' farve i fast stof. Men der er jo ingen regler, kun leg og proces, så jeg kan ikke lave fejl :)

  6. Det er bare så smukt og så sanseligt og så dybt inspirerende, hvad du gør!!

  7. That necklace is incredible. I just keep seeing your work and thinking, this woman is a genius!


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