Monday, February 14, 2011

Waldorf doll - Rose

Born in the middle of winter; a little rosebud. Sweet and summery in the midst of all the cold and the snow. She didn't even want to wear her little green boots, but jauntily kicked them off before the photo session.
Yarn and nuno felt is natural dyed. Pattern from this book, like Pearl.

If you'd like to see more pictures, you can also find me here, at Flickr.

.:And happy heart day to you all!:.


  1. She is beautifully sweet in every way, her hair is lovely! A little rosebud in Winter, I like that : )

  2. Hun er rigtig sød.
    Louise, slugs and snails.

  3. Den er bare så gennemført smuk! Vækker en dyb længsel, tak for alle de smukke fotos.

  4. I like the care you take with details: the embroidery, the careful stitching, the attention to unity of the entire project. Such a beautiful doll.


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